Ultimate Traffic 2 Is Now Boarding...

Redeveloped from the ground up, Ultimate Traffic 2 provides Microsoft Flight Simulator X users the definitive answer to their AI Traffic needs. The project is a culmination of over three years of research and development. Built in cooperation with our friends from Flag Mountain Software, AI Aardvark, and The Fruit Stand, UT2 takes advantage of the latest in AI technology. The goal of UT2 is to provide users with the most complete and realistic real-world airline flights worldwide, offer new levels of AI Traffic design, and revolutionize the FSX skies. Ultimate Traffic exceeds these lofty goals.

As you "click-around" the site, you will see that Ultimate Traffic 2 does not hold back on giving features that users want, and provide Flight Simulator X users the "Ultimate" AI traffic add-on.


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UT2 Product Page

Current Version: 2.10

System Requirements:

Flight Simulator X
w/Service Pack 2 (SP2)

1.6 Mhz Processor
1024 RAM
256 MB Video Card
Windows XP / Vista / 7

Air Traffic

commercial flights

RokSlideUltimate Traffic 2 generates 552,782 scheduled commercial flights that are flown by over 940 airlines. The flights service 3,260 airports and fly over 1.1 million hours every week.

general aviation flights

RokSlideUltimate Traffic 2 generates over 1.3 million general aviation flights that land at 6,400 airports. The general aviation aircraft fly over 2.5 million flight hours each week.

Timetables / Flight Plans

airline / airport timetables

RokSlideOrganize and print timetables for any airline in the Ultimate Traffic 2 world. Create timetables to display complete listing of all flight from an airport, to an airport, or by an airline.

flight plan assignments

RokSlideEach airline flight in ultimate traffic 2 uses a flight plan to navigate from airport to airport. These flight plans can also be customized. Assign any FSX style flight plan to a flight using this feature.

Map View / Status Board

flight view map

RokSlideCreate map views of anywhere on the planet and view all traffic currently flying at that location. Unique filters allow from all to very specific traffic to be displayed. Simulation rate can be changed as well.

status board

RokSlideView a live status board for any airport that handles commercial traffic in Ultimate Traffic 2. View departure and arrival boards for a unique look at traffic at the airport.


add-on schedules

RokSlideCreate, import, manage and remove custom add-on schedules for Ultimate Traffic 2. Complete virtual airline schedules can be created then imported allowing Ultimate Traffic 2 to display these flights in FSX.

tail numbers / parking codes

RokSlideEach airline can have its own rule for generating a tail number. UT2 uses these rules to generate random tail numbers for each flight in the database. Users can also manage and assign parking codes to any FSX aircraft.