Ultimate Traffic 2 - Power Pack

Ultimate Traffic 2 - PowerPack that works with Summer/Fall 2016 Schedules

Download Here!

Ultimate Traffic 2 - Previous PowerPack Version that works with older schedules

Download Here!

Installation Notes

Please follow the instructions below to ensure you have no problems with PowerPack V2.00 installation.

1. FSX should be closed down as well as UT2 before proceeding with installation.

2. Download the PowerPack V2.00 and save it to our C:\Flight One Software\ folder or a folder of your choice.

3. Ensure that UAC is turned OFF (Windows 7 and VISTA users), and that your Antivirus software is disabled during the install. If you have had install issues before, then you might want to restart your maching in WINDOWS SAFE MODE.

4. RUN the PowerPack download

5. After installation of the PowerPack has completed, RE-BOOT your machine.

6. Installation is now complete.

Ultimate Traffic 2 - Power Pack Features

The Ultimate Traffic 2 - Power Pack is an easy to use tool to compile and import add-on schedules, create new schedules from scratch, airport identifier modification/creation, plus much more. Below you will find a few highlights of what the UT2 Power Pack provides:

Import Download Schedules - Several traffic schedule files exist on popular flight simulation websites. UT2 Power Pack users can import these schedules, with the help of AIFPC or TTools, to create schedules and AI aircraft activity for those that are not included with the software.

Create Add-on Schedule Manually - UT2 Power Pack includes the ability for users to manually create their own schedules from the ground up, one flight at a time. Users will be able to add smaller airlines that are not available on popular flight sim sites, special event schedules such as special military flights (Air Force One), charter airlines, and/or use it to schedule GA traffic at your local airport. Virtual Airlines will find the tool a great utility to add their virtual presence to the FSX world.

Airport Modification - UT2 Power Pack features an airport modification tool that will allow users, who have add-on airports that were not included originally with the FSX release, to add/modify these airports so UT2 can handle the AI Traffic scheduled to them.

Share Add-on Schedules - The UT2 Power Pack enables users in the Ultimate Traffic 2 community to share newly created schedules with others. Details on sharing these files can be found in the documentation that is included with the power pack.

Super Traffic Board Support - UT2 Power Pack has setup an information feed for Super Traffic Board support for the developer.

Schedule Sharing Notice: Please be sure to respect the copyrights on any downloaded TTools formatted or traffic.bgl files you may use to create your schedules. If you manually create the TTools formatted files, you will be free to distribute your .dbi files as you like, if you have created a .dbi file using TTools formatted files from another source, do NOT distribute the .dbi file unless you have the author’s permission.